Admission to NPS is the right of all studens on merit. School reserves no special seats, quotas or favours to anyone. The criterion of admission is the student's ability, aptitude and telent. Parents are expected to be serious about the education of their child and keep regular follow-up and liaison with the school.

Class Age Class Age
Pre-Nursery 3 to 4 Years Five 10 to 11 Years
Nursery & Prep 4 to 5 Years Six 11 to 12 Years
One 5 to 6 Years Seven 12 to 13 Years
Two 6 to 7 Years Eight 13 to 14 Years
Three 7 to 8 Years Nine 10 to 11 Years
Four 8 to 9 Years Eleven 16 to 17 Years


NPS is essentially a people welfare project run be the "Trust". Even at the time of its emergence it owns property and equipment worth millions. The administration does not seek recovery of its investment from the profit of the school. However, students are required to pay a nominal fee for running of the instituion on no loss no profit basis. Following are the revised fee charges for new academic year.

Prospectus Rs. 700
Registrration & Admission Test Charges Rs. 600
Admission Fee Rs. 3500
Security Desposit(Refundable on withdrawal/passing out of student Rs. 4000

Annual Charges

Play group to 12th Rs. 2500
O Level Rs. 3500
B. Sc. / ADP Rs. 3500

Monthly Tuition Fee

Pre Nursery Rs. 3550
Nursery to 5th Rs. 3150
6th to 10th Rs. 3250
11th to 12th Rs. 4050
O Level Rs. 4250
B.Sc. / ADP Rs. 4800

Science Lab Charges (Annual)

9th & 10th Class Rs. 1500
11th & 12th Class Rs. 2500
O Level Rs. 2500
B.Sc. / ADP Rs. 3500

* All Fees are Subject to Revision


Fee bills prepared on monthly basis are handed over to students by 5th of every month. These bills can be paid (in full) in the branch of Allied Bank Narowal from 5th to 15th of the same month. A special counter has been opened in the bank for fee collection which works from 9 to 1:30 PM & 2:30 to 4:30 PM all week days ( Expect on Saturdays, when they work in the morning only).


All fee deposited after the due date (15 of given month) will be charged with a fine of Rs. 10/- per day uptill 30th of the same month. Any further delay would be liable for fixed amount of Rs. 150/- (One Hundred & fifty rupees) per month along with a warning. A student failing to pay the dues by next month will be struck off strength from the School roll. In case the student want to continue his/her studies, he/she will seek readmission as per prevailing school rules and will pay outstanding fee and fine including the admission fee.


One-month notice/application by the parents is required prior to the withdrawal of a student from the school. Fee for the full month in which student is leaving and for the whole summer break if student leaves during the summer vacation, will be charged.


The security deposit may be refunded within two months from the date of withdrawal of the students. However, any miscellaneous amont that is outstanding against the student's name will be deducted.